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200+ fiber optic cable options

250+ optical fiber options

Cost Effective
Optical Fiber

Fiber Optic Cable

Optical Connectivity

Fiber Optic Assemblies

Specialty Expertise
35+ years of experience in the design, manufacture and deployment of specialty optical fibers/cables/ assemblies

First commercial optical fiber produced in 1974;
500+ million kilometers of communications-grade
fiber manufactured and deployed since 2001

Technical Support
Sales team each with an average of 25+ years in the industry providing pre and post on-site field engineering around fiber placement, network design, splicing, and handling

An original inventor of optical fiber with 500+ patents related to optics and Bell Labs heritage of reliability and innovation

20 factories bringing proven fiber optic solutions from around the globe to local customers

Quality Commitment
Certification in numerous international standards (ISO – TL – AS)

Integrated Manufacturer
From raw materials to preforms to optical fiber to fiber optic cable assemblies

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They discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from our suggested solutions to technical problems to breakthroughs in numerous products.


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