OFS Labs: Advancing Optical Science, Innovating Real-World Solutions

OFS Labs is one of the world’s leading optical research and product development institutions. The organization consists of two groups:

  • OFS Labs Research and Development (R&D)
  • OFS Product Realization Center (PRC)

Scientists at OFS R&D collaborate closely with the company’s customers to create solutions that help transform optical communications and photonics around the globe. OFS PRC leads the development and manufacturing of these innovative solutions bringing them to market.
OFS Labs combines the rich legacy of Bell Labs (winner of 7 Nobel Prizes, 12 Nobel Laureates) with the experience of Furukawa research to form a world-class center of excellence for optical innovations. As an optical research trendsetter, we impact daily life by creating technological advancements for communications, medicine, aviation, defense, sensing and industrial automation. And whether in communities, between cities, across oceans and continents or through “the last mile,” the inventions of OFS Labs make voice, data and image transmission faster, clearer, more reliable and cost-effective.
Through its work, OFS Labs creates commercially viable technology breakthroughs that OFS can take to market quickly. In fact, our scientists are credited with inventing many innovative optical fiber technologies, now ubiquitous in the industry, including nonzero dispersion fiber and submarine optical fiber.
In keeping with our Bell Labs heritage, we continually build on core competencies and leadership in the areas of optical fiber design, fabrication and optical device physics. OFS Labs helps define the course of optical communications by focusing on:

  1. Optical Fiber Research
  2. Photonics Devices Research
  3. Systems Research

Our scientists also collaborate with various universities, technical institutions, industry organizations and with Furukawa, the OFS parent company.

Initiatives for the Future

Grounded in a research heritage spanning more than a century, OFS Labs’ history of innovation includes a long track record of turning fundamental and applied science into practical, real-world solutions. Our latest research includes a focus on:

  • Optical fiber design and fabrication
  • Optical fiber manufacturing techniques
  • Optical sensing, including use of Fiber Bragg gratings
  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • Raman amplification
  • Nonlinear optical physics
  • Hollow core optical fiber
  • Optical imaging and monitoring
  • Optical simulation

The scientists of OFS Labs hold leadership roles in many of the world’s most influential technical publications and standards bodies. Each year, they present numerous papers on the most recent optical fiber advances at key industry technical conferences and seminars. Many of these papers may be found in our Knowledge Base.
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Knowledge Base

Our scientists and engineers create the products and solutions that become industry standards. We publish their results and most important publications on our website.Knowledge Base Ebook


They discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from our suggested solutions to technical problems to breakthroughs in numerous products.


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